These are books we have written or published while wearing various different hats. All are listed on under Pollocks Toy Museum Trust, which receives the income from these dales, so please order from there.
  • Sir Albert Richardson by Alan Powers, Simon Houfe and John Wilton-Ely, exhibition catalogue, 1999
    The architect who became famous for dressing in 18th century clothes in the 1950s, but who designed simple and delicate classical buildings that fit into their setting so well that you need to know where to look for them.
  • Tayler & Green architects 1938-1973: the spirit of place in modern housing, by Elain Harwood and Alan Powers, exhibition catalogue 1998.
    A detailed account of an architectural partnership in Norfolk who showed how new housing in the country can be beautiful, a lesson for us all today.
  • John Campbell: rediscovery of an Arts and Crafts architect, by Alan Powers with contributions by Alan Crawford and Ronald Leask, exhibition catalogue 1997
    This man was an amazing architect with an amazing life story in Britain and Germany. Somehow, he got forgotten, but this slim volume tells you everything you need to know.
  • £6.50
  • Nature in Design by Alan Powers, Conran Octopus, 1999 A largely pictorial survey of beautiful things in nature and man-made objects 
  • Printing the Toy Theatre, by David Powell, Jan Piggott and Horatio Blood, Pollocks Toy Museum Trust, 2009. Richly illustrated account of some of the loveliest paper products ever made.
  • Modern Block Printed Textiles by Alan Powers, Walker Books, 1992. Still the only survey of an important area of modern design, with many pictures of wonderful fabrics by Fortuny, Dufy, Enid Marx and others.
  • £20