The sheet size is approx. 700x480mm. The stock is 100gsm Stow Book Ivory. The papers are printed in Sheffield by J. W. Northend Ltd.  The images on this page for nos. 1-19 show a sample of the pattern. 

1. Enid Marx turquoise

2. Enid Marx pink

3 Jonathan Gibbs black

4 Jonathan Gibbs green (out of stock)

5. Robert Simon red

6. Robert Simon grey (out of stock)

7. Enid Marx gold (out of stock)

8. Enid Marx red

9. Enid Marx blue

10. Eric Ravilious orange Designed for Curwen Press for Austin Reed, 1935

11. Diana Wilbraham black

12. Edward Bawden maroon  Designed for London Transport, 1935

13. Edward Bawden green

14. Harold Jones yellow Based on an endpaper for a children's book, 1937

15. Harold Jones blue

16. Enid Marx dark green (out of stock)

17. Enid Marx brown (out of stock)

18. Diana Wilbraham slate grey

19. Margaret Calkin James

20. Pollock's Pantomime (based on Victorian toy theatre figures)

21. Oliver Twist, Characters (detail). This is part of a set of four sheets, matching Judd Street Gallery Pattern Papers. They can be used for wrapping, but together they provide all the scenes and characters for performing a toy theatre version of Oliver Twist, with the theatre front and even the orchestra.
Customers wanting to buy the full set with script should visit
22. Oliver Twist scenes 1

23. Oliver Twist scenes 2

24. Toy theatre stage front

25. Victorian Zoetrope - these paper strips were revolved in a drum and viewed through slits in the side. They were one of the first and most popular optical toys that preceded the moving image in cinema.

26. Kenneth Rowntree Alphabet (full sheet)

27. Jack the Giant Killer characters. This is part of a set of three sheets, with almost all the Victorian toy theatre play of Harlequin Jack the Giant Killer. As with Oliver Twist, you can make a theatre using the toy theatre stage front, with instructions downloadable from, where you will also find the original script of the play.

28. Jack the Giant Killer scenes

29. Jack the Giant Killer tricks

30. Celia Ward, Moldavian New Year. The contemporary artist Celia Ward recently spend some years living in Moldavia, where she made drawings of the traditional costumes worn in villages at New Year. She has adapted these to make a wrapping paper, but the figures could also be cut out and used for a performance